Thunkable app crashes and restarts during testing


Does anyone know how to solve this? The Thunkable app crashes and restarts whenever I’m testing the information page with Web API and populating information.



Need a link to the application

Here it is

Run on Android 5.1. The first screen works, the State selection works, the search works. The new search button also works. What is the problem with your device?

It crashes at the last page, here’s a link

Okay, I’ll take a look. I think the problem is that some object = null.

Take a look at my example

You use the Web_API block and other blocks without checking for errors. This makes the application unstable to errors. Before using objects and data, you must first make sure that they exist. If you use the Web Api block and others, this does not mean that the data in it will be necessary. You need to check the status block for = 200 and the like.

Ok, I see, so I should remake Web_API again?

No, you need to supplement the Web_api block with error protection. Have you seen how status = 200 is used in my Web_API block? This means that the successful processing of the request. But this treatment may be unsuccessful.

When you use the get property of object block (or any block for working with objects), you need to be sure that this object exists. I can not tell you in detail about all cases of protection against errors, but if something does not work, then it can be either an error in your blocks or a Thunkable X bug.

Ok, thanks a lot for your help. I’ve gone through your example and the approach in this example and your approach is neat and very interesting, you had also setup the layouts.

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Hello !!

i cant find your project. i have the same problem.

thanks !!


Hello, I think I deleted this project. See