We are unable to login to Thunkable from India from our personal account

We are four of us in the high school Technovation Team from India. All of a sudden none of us were able to login to Thunkable . We have been trying it for past 3+ days still not working :pensive: However when we login using our parents account it does work. Is there a time limit for the free version of Thunkable? We are in desperate need to use Thunkable please help.

Technovation Team from india

I don’t work for Thunkable but here are some things to consider:

  1. Thunkable does not have a time limit for accounts

  2. Are you logging in with Google or a different method?

  3. Are you getting a specific error message? Which one?

  4. Have you tried clearing your browser cache? Have you tried a different browser?


Hello! Sorry about your issue. I understand your frustration.

We have flagged it to our engineering team and will provide an update as soon as possible.

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@vaishishtya6az There isn’t any time limit for the free accounts. Are you receiving any error messages? How are you trying to sign in? With your email? With Google sign in?

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Hi Tatiang,

Thankyou for your reply, me and my teammates cleared our cache and that might have helped. Now we are getting the above two errors.

Hi Ioannis,

Thankyou for both of your messages I did observe that even other people are getting this error. We discussed this with our school teacher and they said it might be server in India which might be causing the problem. However the good news is when we get this error, we click back to my projects and it does work. The important thing to notice is this happened to all of us. So we thought that the issue might not be on our end. Our teachers helped us to understand the issue.

This person is also facing the same issue she/he might be in India too. For now we will continue to work with this workaround.

Please note we continuously keep deleting our projects to keep the count under 10. That also might be causing the issue. Sorry for the late answer because we don’t get access to computer easily.

Best regards

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Hello Aaptha,
We are glad you find a workaround to keep working on your projects.
Could you please explain to me what exactly you do after clicking Back to my projects? Do you choose your project and you are able to edit it?

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