šŸ§  WDC #7 chatbot (Weekend Design+smart_mind_logic Challenge)

hi all
i hope im making this challenge in right ways

so u all ready for

the challenge?

:art: :brain:
yep so those are the things i want in challenge : smart mind and UI skills

so we come upon a chatbot app I mean a
a chatbot app


I want

u have to do is
first create the app
then pm me show ur ui n a video of functioning app

it is available till last day of


and then comes final result

all those who participate kindly tell me ur names

What do you mean by this?? :thinking: :thinking:

There is an Assistant component on Thunkable, by Dialogflow. Basically a chatbot you can integrate into your app. @eko.devs.apploroceo is saying that you should not use this component to make your chatbot.


Ok Thanks @codeswept. Can we use web viewer @eko.devs.apploroceo?

And what is the topic of the chatbot?

ok but no assistant like alogia


@ekansh_devs Can we use dialogflow (not assistant)?


no alogia

use other not tooo much famous assistants

Please declare it in a list - whatever is not allowed

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well @eko.devs.apploroceo dont know all assistants as he said nothing allowed like assistant component or maybe web api

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i think now time is getting over and it will be thought to make even not many users participate even 1

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no submissions time to close

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