📸 WDC #33: Can you re-create viral sensation BeReal?

What is BeReal and why is everyone talking about it?

“BeReal is a photo-sharing application that allows users to post one photo per day to show their followers what they are doing in real-time. The BeReal app focuses on authenticity and asks users to be real.” [1]

“The app is basically a sharing platform where, following a daily alert, users must take a selfie on their phone within two minutes. The app then utilises the camera’s double-facing function so that the resulting selfie is set into a broader portrait of what you’re doing at the time. Part game, part scrapbook, part communication tool, the app has been downloaded more than 28mn times and now has more than 15mn daily users, of whom the vast majority are described as being from Gen Z.” [2]

The Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to harness the photo taking capabilities of Thunkable and use it to create your own spin on BeReal.

Bonus points, as always, will be awarded to those with the funniest app names and in your submission it would be great to hear a little bit about who your target audience is.

There are some really interesting bits of functionality that you could dig into here; for instance you can only post during a specific time, Posts themselves are arranged in a grid, or “scrapbook” which you could adapt into a “Photo a Day” style app, and the front and rear facing cameras are overlaid one on top of the other.

Are you using this app yourself? What are your favourite features of it and which ones would you like to re-create in Thunkable?

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Summary of Results