📽 WDC #15 "Show Thunkable"

Yes, I am working on my app too. It’s a game.


Thanks @human - what sort of game is it? Is this something you want to play yourself or are you hoping that others will download and play your game too?


Sorry, but that information is classified :smirk:

(like what game it is)

It’s a game I hope others can play too. However, I won’t be downloading it.

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I have two games in progress.

“Poodles to Paris” (originally intended for WDC 13) is closer to done - I’d like to add some images of the poodle’s postcards, but I have no graphics skills and haven’t been able to find something free that really grabbed me. thunkablecompanion - I could use input on what it needs still to be publishable. I’m thinking I’d like to add ‘travel insurance’ (basically a free re-roll for times when the game would otherwise end), but I’m enjoying playing it as-is.

“Plant sitter” (inspired by a misunderstanding of what WDC 14 was going to be) is less far along. I had a stage get bugged, and that set me back a ways, then I decided I wanted to use a different stage image, and I just finished setting up the new layout (more or less) today. It’s not done, and it isn’t close, although you can see the bits that are mostly-functional here: thunkablecompanion

Oh, and I have a half-built grocery list/order app, too. I did all the hard work of getting authentication working with my local grocery store, then decided I wanted to tweak the data structure I was using in Firebase, and um… I haven’t gotten back to it.

I mostly code after 9pm while waiting for my daughter to fall asleep, sitting in the dark on the floor of her room. So sometimes I don’t make much progress.


A lot of my coding is at 10pm when my two kids are finally in bed. :slight_smile:


Photo Journal

I usually wait to share projects until they’re farther along but this is a good excuse to get feedback and improve my app.

I don’t have a name yet for the app so I’m using the generic “Photo Journal” for now. I love photography, especially close-up nature photography. And it can be therapeutic to create a journal so why not make a photo journal where users can take or upload a photo and then add a description… maybe their mood or observations from their day or gratitudes for self or others.


Video Demo:

This has been a lot of work! But I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the more complicated components and blocks in Thunkable.

Here are the components and services I’m using along with some comments:

1. Firebase - Users can sign up and then sign in to create private journal entries. I’m storing photo URLs, journal entries (text descriptions) and date/time stamps. I’ve given each Firebase journal entry node a name like 2021-05-10_21:06:33 which is formatted as [year-month-day_time] which allows me to use the List sorting blocks to sort all entries by date.

Firebase was a little intimidating at first but it’s actually very powerful and efficient.

2. Cloudinary - Using this to upload and store photos is a piece of cake with Thunkable. But it’s kind of an old stale cake because Thunkable only uploads images in full quality. So it’s a SLOW process and many of the photos I take on my iPhone 11 are too large and create an error when uploaded. Which is why I’m so excited that this feature request has been tagged as planned work. :clap:

When I pull the photos down from Cloudinary, I can resize them using Cloudinary’s API and that speeds up the display process in the app considerably.

3. Camera & Photo Library - I’m not going to spend time explaining these but they are integral to my app for obvious reasons.

4. Alerts - also self-explanatory, hopefully.

5. Web API The quotes that are generated randomly (once per day) come from here and require attribution. I’m actually technically not using the Web API at all. I generated quotes (50 at a time) and copied and pasted a bunch into a text block in Thunkable. (I’m not quite sure that’s ethical so I have to either ask permission or just use the API as intended if I publish this app.) Because it’s JSON, I can use my knowledge of JSON to parse the quotes and choose a random one each new day.

6. Any Component blocks I love these suckers! But they drive me a little crazy. I’m cloning the journal entry row for each Firebase journal entry node and then using Any Component blocks and List blocks to fill all of the cloned components with data.

This is probably the part of my app that needs the most work. Not because I haven’t figured out how to do everything (I have! :slight_smile: ) but because it’s slow to pull the data from Firebase. It takes several seconds to display the data in half a dozen “journal entry” rows. If I get several dozen, the wait is even longer. I’m not sure why. Maybe that’s just how cloud data works. It seems much faster than Google Sheets or Airtable but as you’ll see in the video above [coming soon!], it’s just not fast enough to feel like a professional app yet.

One thought I had was to have an overlay screen (a little tricky in Thunkable…) that shows until all of the Firebase data has been retrieved. I’m not sure what I would display… maybe a quote or an affirmation or a journal entry prompt (“Write about a time you felt seen.”).

7. Coolors - This website allows you to generate random color themes consisting of five or more complimentary colors. And you can lock in colors you like and then generate additional colors that match the locked ones. It’s great for figuring out colors for buttons, titles and other elements in a project.

Alright, that’s it. And that was a lot. Thanks for reading!

I welcome any suggestions you may have for UI, graphic design, or especially efficiently storing and retrieving photos and text. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s one amazing app @tatiang! I especially love the fact that you get quotes. But I suppose a much, much simpler way to display photos and descriptions would be to use a DVL. That would reduce a lot of Cloning blocks, etc.


I love it @domhnallohanlon ! I’ve got lots of apps to share, but I’ll do only one this weekend. I’m going to share about ChiPhone, a phone simulation with all the features!


Right but I was under the impression that you can’t use a DVL (Data Viewer List) with Firebase. I’m really trying to utilize Firebase but maybe Airtable is the way to go.


You can use it in conjunction but you need to shift the data to a localDB first; then load the data to the dlv

Get from Firebase
Clear your local DB
Loop the FB data into your local DB
Refresh the list viewer


Thanks. I actually had that thought but I was focused more on speed than ease of developing and wasn’t sure that would help. Cloning doesn’t seem to be the issue but rather syncing data to the cloned components. Maybe a DVL will be faster though.

Edit: I just tried it with a DVL and it was still pretty slow to load everything. Do you suggest going from Firebase to Lists to the local DB or straight from Firebase to the local DB (which is what I did)?

Edit #2: I think the problem is that my images aren’t getting scaled down from Cloudinary to Firebase. Gonna fix that.

Update: It’s taking about 1 second per item to display the Firebase data in a DVL.


I’m currently working on an app for a hair dressing salon. Due to the pandemic the government instructed salons to work on appointment basis and waiting in the shop is not allowed, therefore my client needed an app for her clients to book appointments.

The appointment is connected with Google calendar and checks available time online. The app also uses SMS API to send reminders to clients.

The app has a gallery of hair styles and the last button is the government precautionary instructions that users has to follow.

The app is still in progress and my client started to change the specs which means I might redo it completely.


This weekend I’m going to work on my app, which is developed for couples…

The team and I have always wanted to have an app that isn’t just counting the length of the relationship, but also helps remember memories, events and add comments to them. Also, if you have a hard time deciding or figuring out where to go on a date this is a perfect app. In this app you can connect your profile with your partner’s one.
Also, this app can offer numerous features such as timelines, anniversary reminders, date ideas, personal comments and ratings.

My goal for this weekend is to finish the so called “Challenges” screen, where the couple get each day a unique daily challenge to be completed, like go on a date.

If you’d like to test this out on Android or iOS just leave a “like” on this post.

The team and I hope, that the app will be released in 6-8 weeks, but until then here are some screenshots about the current version:


Hey Thunkers!
it was nice to see what others were working on. so let me tell you guys mine.

DOG CHECK : Its an app which you can use to train your dog as well as keep a record of their Temperature, Weight so that you can easily know what was the, say temp, of your dog and when. It also has a random dog pic generator (can you guys link me a dog quote api, please?).

Updates that may be there

  • Personal dog account
  • Bog social media
  • Badges

KLIK (Still working on the name) : There is a coin which you have to click under a time limit. the more you click, the more you earn coins. You have outfits which, if you have enough coins, can be bought by you to decrease your time a little and increase your coin income. thats the theory but i am using image, and i am having problems with some sizing so, if you like the app idea, you have two options. Either try doing it your self or wait another month or two.

No updates for now

WHITEBOARD : you may remember this :point_down:

well, now i am trying to make it a tiny bit more user friendly.

Updates I am trying to apply

  • Undo last drawing
  • draw shape
  • allow multi device drawing.

So, thats all.

Excited to know what you guys are working on

Happy thunking (I am hating these auto corrects.)


Well I am almost 11, so I literally code all the day. but still, Making apps (working plus beautiful) and taking care of your kids, its just awesome.

keep thunking


i don’t have real apps but i have 3 specialized calculators i’m working on.

the colebrook-white equation is used to calculate the friction factor in gas pipelines in turbulent flow. note that in the formula, square root of f, √f appears on both sides of the equation so an iterative method was used to arrive at the solution that satisfies the formula, within acceptable thresholds. It is used mainly in the field of fluid dynamics.

the cockcroft-gault formula computes a simple means to provide a reliable approximation of residual renal function in all patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease).

i’m also working on a set of “CKDEPI” formulas (Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration), which uses different variables to compute GFR ( glomerular filtration rate), which is another way to measure the functioning of the kidney. i had used google sheets as the data source for this project to take advantage of the computational power of google sheets but it looks like i may have to recode the formula into thunkable blocks to avoid the hassle of installing a google sheet with the app.

basically, i just want to try the process of putting at least one of these calculators in the play store. but i’m wondering how to price them. if i give them away (ie. set price to zero), can i really make any money, though? i don’t expect these to be best sellers, but merely knowing that it has been used in real life is good enough satisfaction for me, especially if it’s one of these kidney health level calculators…

i’m gonna have to start reading the PUBLISH article posted earlier in this thread.


I love all the submissions so far! Here’s mine:

I had to change from Phone Simulation because it’s a huuuuuge project and involves around 35 screens. So, I decided to share a project I started for my community(not Thunkable community, the other type). It’s called BookARead. From most of my WDC submissions up till now, I think it’s been obvious that I’m a big bookworm.

When I used to borrow and lend books with my friends, I used to find it hard to have back and forth WhatsApp conversations about what books we had and what we could borrow/ what we could lend. I’d been coding for around 3 months, so I decided to solve the problem using Thunkable. What came out was an app that allowed people within my community to borrow, lend, view all information of, scan, and request books with ease.

View Books

View Book Info

Borrow a book

On a phone, this directly opens the WhatsApp chat with the owner of the book.

Rate a book

Add a book

Requets a book

Profile Page

Right now, it looks disgusting as I took all these screenshots during Live Test, and doesn’t really resize to fit. It looks better during Phone Test.

A more detailed explanation

This app:

  • Displays all the books added
  • Can search for books by name, author, or genre
  • Displays all the information about a selected book, so you know what you’re borrowing. It displays: Book name, Author’s name, Owner’s name, Address(so you know where to pick it up from), availability, Damage fine, Maximum holding time, genre, average ratings, image, and about book.
  • Sends a pre-formatted WhatsApp message to the owner of a book.
  • Allows you to rate books.
  • Allows you to favourite books.
  • Allows you to scan a book’s barcode when adding it to the library, and fills the book name, author’s name, about the book, and genre
    (thanks @tatiang!).
  • Saves your name, phone number, and address.
  • Has ‘Information’ buttons so you know what to do with everything.
  • Allows you to view requested books and request some yourself!
  • Has a profile page that displays your name, phone number, address, books you added to the library, and favourite books.

The UI could use a lot of work, it’s not really user-friendly right now. I’ve given the app to a few people in my community, and so far, it’s gotten a really good response. I started it in December 2020, and finished the basic app in 3 days. I hope to finish it in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading!

What I used

  • APIs
  • DVGs (data viewer grids)
  • DVLs (data viewer lists)
  • Camera
  • Photo Gallery component

What I learnt

I learnt a lot with BookARead, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help form all the Community!

I learnt how to use the Google Books API (wouldn’t have been possible without @tatiang ).
I learnt how to use DVLs, DVGs, and Airtable properly.
And… I learnt how to create terrible UI (wait, I already knew that!).


I have a new submission that I have done as a response to a post and it was not possible without the valuable contribution of @catsarisky

The app is still at its starting stages and by far not complete but partially functional.

It is a utility to export your entries as a vCard which you can automatically insert in you phone contact.

vCard Export Tool


Oh, it was all you, @muneer! I just pointed out where it was broken a few times. :slight_smile:


Without the “pointing out” of what was broken I would have kept trying and nothing accomplished by now. Many thanks for your prompt response.

The app requires an HTML file

See attached
Create-file.txt (1.9 KB)