Want to hide webviewer when url is google.co.in

Hi Thunkers,

I want a help. I was testing on web viewer but i want after clicking through links when url is google.co.in then web viewer automatically hides, but its not hiding.

please correct me if i have done anything wrong for it.

Hi @Shshank_Bhardwaj :wave:

What links are your users clicking on? are you showing them in your app or in a webivewer inside your app?

yes i have made a sample web page which have a button on it, when its clicked so it will redirect to google.co.in

in my app there is a web viewer that contain a sample web page which have button on it which will redirect them to google. so when webview url is google.co.in i want webview to be invisible.

ok…but why?

You have a button that goes to Google, but if the URL is Google then you hide the webviewer?

Why have a link to “nowhere”? i.e just hiding the webviewer?

Can you tell us a little more about the type of app you are trying to build?

i was just trying to hide webview so users can see background image which give them a instructions for next screen and with hiding web view i want to make a button visible and button will redirect to another screen in app.

right now i am not making any app i am just learning how to make apps from thunkable, so i am experimenting many things

you can use does text contains component instead of comparing the whole link .


I tried it but it still doesn’t work. It still visible. Please tell me how to do it.

@Shshank_Bhardwaj the get URL property only returns the original URL, it doesn’t update as you navigate the web.

Can you explain a little more about what your app does please? I still don’t fully understand why you need to hide this component rather than just changing screens