Voice assistant app

Hey all I am building an advanced voice assistant app on Thunkable x

I had a few doubts that can I use Dialogflow assistant in a way like when I click a button speech
recognizer would get text and after it got a text it would post the query on the Dialogflow assistant and the Dialogflow answer would be shown on a label and what all features can I use on Dialogflow

and how can i use this extension on thunkable x
and the package manager extension by taifun as well
cn.kevinkun.KevinkunContacts.aix (5.1 KB)

this extension helps to find phone number by name

Thunkable X does not support extensions, sorry.

You can use APIs and Javascript but you’d have to figure out how to do what you’re wanting.

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but is there any alternative method

I’m not sure, but I think that the Assistant component connects to Dialogflow. I haven’t used that component before, though.


will the thunkable staff bring the extension feature in thunkable x

I don’t know but if so, I don’t think it would be any time soon.


do you have how to use the old version of thunkable where we can import extensions

No, Thunkable Classic has been shut down. You have to use Thunkable X.

oh okay , then i need to move to kodular to make my app

What type of app are you looking at making? We can help you through it.

i am planning to make a advanced voice assistant app

which requires a lot of extensions

including the 2 i mentioned above

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Can you please provide a few more details? What is the voice assistant needed for? Can you share screenshots of your app and blocks you have tried so far? A project link would be great too.

nah i made one on thunkable it works but voice reco is kinda slow…
but make on thunkable it ezz to make

@domhnallohanlon Thunkable staff is there any possibility that Thunkable will release the Extension feature that imports aix in 2 - 3 months

No i don’t think that Will happen.
Because They Use React Native Not Java or Yail.

There are enough other ways like using a web viewer and JavaScript.

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Dialog flow is available directly in-platform as the Assistant component so there are no build errors or conflicts that can sometimes occur when using extensions

Since everything is written in JavaScript you can, in essence, write your own by using the extended web viewer. If you can find (or write) a library in vanilla JS then odds are you can use it with our Web Viewer component

Best of luck with your app!