View PDF without PDF viewer and show all pages

i have seen many people asking to view all pages of a PDF now i will show you how
first get a webviewer component and upload the pdf to your assets and name it whatever you want and whatever you named it just copy it and put the name in the url section of web viewer

Happy Thunking!!:smile:

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hope it will help you

ok and for import and then do?

sorry what are you trying to say?

It worked!!! Thank you very much

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glad you liked it

Do you know why is this web viewer with PDF so small?

I put the web viewer inside a row

Why not just use the built-in PDF Reader component?

The web viewer is nice because it scales the PDF but I don’t see any other advantages.

@taiskleinoliveira8y3 Can you share a link to your project?

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Hi! thank you for answering me! I did use it before, but then when I published my webapp, it did not work (it only worked on IOS and android live test)

Ah, I see. I haven’t tested the Web viewer or PDF reader with a PDF file as a web app.

Edit: I just published my demo as a web app and it displays correctly in both the Web Viewer and the PDF Reader.


use fill container instead 100%

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Hi!! I am still having issues about the PDF. Could you help me?

I put fill container, but when I published my app, on the computer it works:

When I open my web app on IOS phone, it explodes from the screen:

And when I open my web app on Android phone, it shows this:

I want everything like the first picture (one PDF with multiple pages)

Thank you

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Can you share your project so I can see what am I doing wrong?

Sure. Here’s the Thunkable project link:

And the Web App:

I noticed that the PDF Reader only displays one page. Not sure why that is.

Also, I Googled poke mon rules pdf and I guess Google got confused by the space in “pokemon” so it returned poker rules instead. So be it!


thats why i made this tutorial

Sorry to bump topic but can you send link frm were have you downloaded the books
sorry for asking silly question