Bug in Pdf Reader Components

I had Pdf reader component in my App but its not showing some of images of my original file after loading in App. its not reading Pdf file properly. please help how it can be solved. In my App after loading file most of the images are missing while viewing in pdf reader.

Project Link: Thunkable


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Your project works well on iOS 12.4.1. On my Android 8.1 pdf-file does not load and loading pdf in Web Viewer on Android 8.1 causes a crash.

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It also working my Android 9 but it’s not showing images inside PDF file. It’s loading PDF with missing images.

I want to correct it as it shows my pdf file as same as source file. Missing most of images from the file is not good.

Try to view a PDF to use Web Viewer and write, it works well or images are not displayed?

How to show pdf file in webviewer shall I need to convert it in HTML file format to view in webviewer or by any other we can pdf file in webviewer. Can you elaborate any methods

Specify the file name as a URL in the Web Viewer (as you do for PDFReader)

I had try this method but its not working its showing loading error