Video Recorder Not Working

Hello Everyone,

In my thunkable the video recorder doesn’t record videos on my mobile nor laptop. Its a very big problem as I am not able to make some apps without it.

Please help with it,

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This is what I am coding-

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I have put when button clicked command also

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Does label2 get an error message, or does this silently fail?

This very minimal record and play project is working OK for me with Thunkable Live on my iPhone and on my laptop (once I plugged in my external camera). Does this work for you? If so, it might be a good comparison for what you have that isn’t working…


Refer to this video as it seems very hard to explain by Drive

No, the label doesn’t gets an error message just it not records the video…

Did the link I posted above work for you? That’d help rule out coding problem vs phone permissions problem.

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