Video Component Having Error

I was using the video recorder component it was not working showing error why ?
see the preveiw

Please See @Thunkable Staff

I am sharing link

Video is unaviable(it doesn’t exist).

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YouTube probaly banned the video or it’s a private video

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Oh sorry wait

Can u see now the video pls see

Can you show the blocks and the full error?

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Okay pls wait

This is code and error is when I am clicking on the button again , it is showing ’ Critical Error Occured ’

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See this video only

You are using the video recording block without testing for errors.

Also note that you need to use it from your mobile not from your computer.

Better use the blocks this way

The image is from Thunkable Docs.


That’s literally What i wanted to say😂


But just see @muneer I am testing from my mobile only just see my video on the 1st reply

The problem is when i am clicking second time The Record Button it is showing critical error occured

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Why do you want to click the second time?
Do you mean to say the first time did not activated the camera?
Are you clicking the second time before you finish the first time?
Are you checking the error block to control the situation?

Yep I am checking the block
I clicked second time because i want to record second time
I mean to say that it work in first time but not worked in second time
Yes i am clicking second time when the video is over

Ok no problem Thank you The block is working