Video Bug Thunkable X

I’m having issue with a specific problem regarding video.

With the native video component, the videos can’t be replayed or restarted once they end on my phone. The video can start and be played, but if you scroll past the loading point it freezes. If the video ends, it freezes (cannot be restarted).

I tried download the APK to see if it is different than the live preview and it’s the same issue (testing is being done on Android phones)

I am testing it on this version, first screen:

What’s strange is, when I use the web Preview, it works perfectly. It just doesn’t work on the phones…

Please help, I’ve been trying to solve this issue for 11 months now

Don’t spam the forum by creating multiple topics within minutes of each other.

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Whoopsie… I posted one in bugs for the dev team and one in general in case other users had the same issue and solved the problem

Looks like support is non existent

I’ve emailed, posted on Git, on here…

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