Veganicapp - Make easier your vegan life

Hi, I released this app in 2018 with just a few features using only Thunkable Classic. A few months ago I got back to work on this app using Thunkable Cross platform and I added a lot more stuff and in my opinion it got a lot better.

Download links:


The application is aimed at vegans or vegetarians, it helps this group of people to lead this lifestyle more easily.

Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian, I would be very thankful if you try it and give me your opinions and feed backs on the interface, on how the map works in your device and especially the barcode scan for products.


  • It shows a guide to restaurants and stores with vegan options on a map (it shows markers with the location of these places), as well as more information about each place and users can add photos, rate and write reviews of each place.
  • There is also a list of vegan recipes and it is possible for users to create an account and post their own recipes and receive interaction from other users.
  • It has a barcode scanner for products and the application will show if the product is suitable or not for vegans, and if the application does not recognize the product, the user can add it.

I will be happy to read your comments.


Wow, this is such an amazing app! It has a nice UI and works very smoothly and nicely. As a vegetarian, I will definitely use this app! Love this app, and congrats to publishing it!


Look great Ivan :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much !
I would appreciate a lot if you write this kind of review on the app store or play store, wherever you have downloaded it, that would help me a lot.
I am working to improve it and add more english content in the app.

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Thank you !

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This was our app of the week on twitter! :slight_smile:


That is cool, thank you very much. Iā€™m happy to know that.

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