Thunkable App released to Apple App Store!


Hi all,

I’ve got some pretty great news! After 8 months of trying and 7 rejections from Apple, my debut app, Veggie Alternatives, is out on the App Store. You can download it using this link here:

I’m currently still a student, so I’m really excited to see what people think of the app.

I’ve got some pretty exciting media promotion coming up, so I’ll keep you all updated on that! I’d also like to say thanks to each and every person here who has ever helped me out; you guys make my life a lot easier.

Just one more thing I’d like to say: don’t ever give up on an idea you believe in - you never know what great things the future could bring.



Fantastic work Ayush - delighted to see that you were able to get this published!


Thanks - and thank you also for your advice during development!


Very nice. It would be great if you could share some of your adquired experience with the rejections.


Sure - what would you like to know?


Congratulations on your app! Always nice to see developers who keep on going :slight_smile:


Congratulations! That’s a massive achievement. I’ve downloaded your app and checked it out. I can see how much work went into it.
It is very well organised.
It would be nice to have some pictures, even if they were just of a meal using the substitution to brighten up the page, but I know that would take a lot more time gathering quality images with no copyrights.
It looks like the app will be very useful for vegans, especially people just starting that lifestyle.
I’ll be using it as an example for my own students on how to put together an app that is easy to navigate and well thought out.
Thanks for sharing.


Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for your feedback - I’m still a student, so it’s really exciting that you’ll be using this as an example for your students!