Using Framework7 UI in Thunkable X

okay nice i will try because I want that the html pages are fixed an writen in thunktable.

I think apple will not support a app that is hosted on a serveur where I can uplaod a hole new app without verification.m

But I will try the to ways to submit it

This would be a game changer for thunkable I could use native forma ans show data with framework 7

Is that issue fixed ?

hey Chris…yep, they’re on the way.

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 15.36.39

Thanks for your patience while we continue to test these latest updates.


I’don’t understand that ? Is the any tutorial for that ?

So is it possible with the blocks that are posted here above to do such things like when I click in webview a button it opens a page in thunkable ?

it should be if you are capable of coding this in your web files. However I am not sure if it is possible to do this offline and if those blocks already work 100% :thinking:

Best, Chris

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Is thunkable react-native ? if yes I found a tutorial for that ?

I added now everthing but what should I target ?
How target from index to css and all that ?

Just find out that the service worker file works on the app and use the cache so they can use the app even without internet and see the content from framework 7 ! Amazing

Thunkable is based on React Native. You just link them like all files were in the same folder ( without the /).

did you test it on Android and iOS? because I remember earlier offline html would not work on one of them…

Best, Chris

Thx I will test that without the / …I tested on ios and works great… I don’t have a android phone ;/

Okay will try also to us that post message webview thing

<link rel="stylesheet" href="framework7.bundle.min.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="service-worker-register.js"></script>

I have it like that and it don’t work…

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With the new WebViewer.postMessage function, you can now use Framework7 very easily.

You can view the updated example on the scrFramework7 screen.


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