Using Databases in D&D

Hello, I’m new to this forum and to thunkable. I’m a teacher and want to make an App to randomly choose a Student using Database. I managed it using StP, but I prefer DnD. I have no clue, how to do it in DnD, especially how to pick data from a certain cell.

Can you recommend a tutorial or how to approach?

Welcome to Thunkable! I’m a teacher as well.

Data sources in DnD are pretty similar to StP. You can always Google data source Thunkable to find the documentation or you can watch a video from those results.

You can use the Get Value block to get a value from a cell. That block does have some problems though so you might need to use the Get Row Object block instead.

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Thanks for your help. Unfortunately the first link leads to a “Page not found”. Is it possible to choose a database cell using the “Get Value Block” in D&D? As you are a teacher you might be interested in my “MeanRandom”-App. This App is meant to choose randomly Students or Parts of the Course ore Groups (this part does not work yet). As a Newby I’m pretty excited about my App, please feel free to use and critizise (or maybe even collaborate on it?). Sorry, I did not write a documentaion yet, try Click and LongClick on the buttons, I’m sure you’ll get the point.

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Sorry, I fixed the link in my post.

Yes. You can specify a column name and a row number with that block.

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