Use of Google's new Gemini AI in thunkable

In some recent news, it was shown that Gemini AI by Google proved to be better than ChatGPT 4. In fact, you have to pay it to use GPT-4 and Gemini is absolutely free. just a couple days ago, the Gemini APIs were released to devs via the google AI studio.

I was not able to use it via WebAPI in Thunkable because I dont know how to get values which are inside values. Is there any way?

Can you explain a bit more what you mean by “inside values” or what blocks you have tried? If you can make the API call, there should be no problem drilling down enough to get the data you need. We can help more if you don’t mind showing us some of your work.

You can start with this topic: Getting Started with Google Gemini API. And then if you need help parsing the JSON response, see my full tutorial here: API JSON Tutorial (Video).