Getting Started with Google Gemini API

Here are the blocks I’ve configured that provide a valid JSON response from the Google Gemini API. You will need your own API key.

Here’s an example of part of the JSON response formatted in

Here’s an example of the blocks that will allow you to parse out the “text” property from that API response:

If you are able to get a response but need more help parsing the JSON text, see my full tutorial here: API JSON Tutorial (Video).


thanks for the help :smile:

@tatiang I created a text generating app using gemini api. It is giving me good results but the gemini api key is not working for the European regions. Is there any solution for this? Kindly guide

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that problem.

Hi Mr. Tatiang!
This tutorial is very very helpful for text generation but suppose i wanted to get images from the API too how would we go about implementing that?

Please do let me know.

Thank you!

I’m not sure. You would need to post the JSON response from an API call that returns an image url. Then I could help you parse that in Thunkable.

Thank you @tatiang very much! Works like a charm.

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VPN will do.