Custom GPT integration


I’m looking for help on calling my Custom GPT please.

I have built the blocks for OpenAI but need the response to be from my Custom GPT in OpenAI.

Thank you

Hi and welcome to Thunkable.

Are you using the OpenAI API or the built-in OpenAI blocks in Thunkable? It helps if you share a screenshot of your blocks. The built-in blocks are quite limited so you’ll most likely need to do this with the Web API blocks.

Thank you.

I am using the blocks to call OpenAi
Screenshot 2024-07-04 08.31.29

The blocks are working fine and are returning the chat from OpenAI. That’s not my difficulty though.

The blocks return, I believe, the generic OpenAI chat. But what I need to return is what they call a Custom GPT (trained and fine-tuned version). So the blocks are fine but I’m looking for a solution that will return my Custom GPT within my OpenAI account.

Are you able to help? Any workable solution I can go with.

Thank you

Hello @carlfdunckeri
You can accomplish this using Web API blocks.
Here are some community posts:
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This doesn’t produce a solution. There may be a misunderstanding as to what a customised GPT is. See here

The solutions offered above relate to the standard GPT and date before this feature was launched by OpenAI.

What is needed is not only a working call to OpenAi - that element is fine - there needs to be a further elemnet which calls a specific and customised GPT.

For anyone finding this post, integrating a custom GPT into an environment outside of OpenAI cannot currently be done.

Thanks for support.