Use of cloud Variable

Can cloud variables be used to store an absolute value that can be fetched by all the users of the app?

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Hi @Ansh_Anand - yes, absolutely!

The best way to check this however would be to create a simple demo app and share the .apk with one or two friends to check.

Bear in mind that if you share your project file then the cloud variables will be unique to each project, this is why you’d need to share and install the apk.



Hey @domhnallohanlon or anyone really,

does this cross device value sharing apply to the web preview or the live view companion app as well as intalled apps

i am thinking i can incorporate these cloud variables into my app.

I am also wondering if a cloud variable can be tied to specific users. this way they can sign in across multiple devices and see the same data. I am specifically thinking of a behavior tracking app for parents. They would share a login email so that way if 1 parent makes a change, the other can see it.

Nope each live testing “session” creates new cloud variables

I don’t think so either. The only way to have one cloud variable shared between users is to download and install the app itself on each users device.

so, say i want a cloud variable to include username. this wouldn’t be possible. i would want to use the RealtimeDB option instead and save the data under a key that incorporates the userid?