Tie Cloud Variable to specific user

My app uses cloud variables to store and retrieve data, it also has a log in feature.

I had thought that the Cloud Variable would associate the inputs with the email address. I recently tried a second email address and found that that was not the case. (Makes sense as there isn’t any code I have put in to link them).

My question is, can Cloud Variables uniquely store information to a particular user, or should I use RealtimeDB or just Stored Variables instead?

They can!

In this example, all user notes are stored in 1 cloud variable but data is separated into separate buckets based on userID returned from Firebase


Okay, having looked at it, the buckets look like the functions Note, Date and Crossoff? So I tried linking My Cloud Var/ AppUser Id/ Func title as I see you have done in your example. However, I am not able to get the data to save to my Firebase or on the app
Screenshot 2020-09-16 183725