Uploading to Google Play Store

Anyone can help as I am unable to upload my test app to Google Play Store ??

It says that I need to upload it as a aab format instead of apk…

@sck911, As far as I know, you ought to be able to upload either an APK file or an AAB file to the Google Play Store. Can you describe exactly where in the upload process you are getting that message and could you post a screenshot of the error and the page where it is occurring?

Thanks in advance.


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Attached is the Place where the Error Message occurred… :roll_eyes:


Please note that that is just an informational warning, not an error. I assume that the APK did, in fact, get successfully uploaded. At some point in the future we might start supporting the creation of AAB files, but for now APKs are ok.


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Thanks for the prompt reply.
I tried searching for the app but was not found…

I have the same problem.
Even if it is only a warning, the procedure does not go ahead and does not allow publication. How can it be done?
Thank you e compliments for the amazing platform :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m wrong.
It is actually a non-blocking warning!
Thank you

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