Uploading photos to imgBB via API

Hello, can anyone help me with organizing the API request. I try to upload a photo to imgBB using their API, but it always fails.

No one here is a magician so please post screenshots of what you have tried.

will this help?

When you do an API call, you need to check the value of the green error block. Set a label to that block and then tell us what appears. If there is no error, then what is the value of the green response block?

Also, you’re sending the API the image as a text string but I’m not sure the green photo block is formatted as text. So it may not work that way. The documentation states the image must be:

A binary file, base64 data, or a URL for an image. (up to 32 MB)

I think there’s a block that will convert the image to Base64. Is this in the newer Drag and Drop (DnD) interface?

Is there a reason you’re not using Cloudinary for image hosting since it’s API connection is already built-in to Thunkable?

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This block was removed from the list.

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