Upload the image to a Data List Viewer

Hi, I can’t upload the image to a Data List Viewer. When testing the application on the smartphone it does not upload any photos (Cloudinary works correctly). I don’t understand where the mistake is. Thank you.

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You should save the URL of the photo to the data source connected to the DVL (Data Viewer List) not directly to the DVL.

If you want it direct to the DVL then you need to change the "1" that you inserted in place of row ID to the actual row ID of this row in the DVL.

Where I can find the actual row ID of this (and others) row?

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In the DVL there is a block called Item Click, you will have a green block row id which is the row ID that you should refer to. Of course this is available when the user clicks in one of the displayed items.


I understand how it works in the example you gave me. But in my case what is the value of “row id” (red circle in the photo attached)? I mean in a data list viewer there are X row, but where I can find the value (“id”) of each row?

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I know of only two ways but there might be more.

The easiest way is if your DVL is connected to a Google sheet. In this case first row will have the row ID of 1 and second row will have the row ID of 2. Easy enough.

In the case your DVL is connected to a Local Data Source or to an Airtable table then the row ID in the unique row ID of the Airtable table.

Hope this helps.

Use the DATA VIEWER REFRESH block, then you don’t need to manually update your DVL. If you link your DVL to the correct columns, then that is enough.

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Now it works, thanks. But now I have another problem. The images load only when I load them by clicking a button and not when the screen opens. How do I get the photos loaded when the screen opens?

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If you have the URL of your photos saved in a table in Airtable or Google sheets or simple in a local storage then you can connect the Data Viewer List to this table and the images will show once the screen is open.

This is the current situation (see attached file). When I upload the photo from the photogallery the image appears, but every time the screen opens the image does not appear. I always go back to the initial problem (row id).

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That is exactly true. When you upload directly to the image in the Data Viewer List you are temporarily overriding the content of the Data Viewer List so you will need this every time.

The better way is to save the URL of your image in a table and connect the Data Viewer List to this table and you will see the image every time the screen opens.