[UPDATED] Text Destroyer 3000 v1.1.1 - Translates text multiple times to creteate a funny result

I’ve been using Thunkable for some time, but only experimenting and pushing my limits in complexity and never got around to posting those apps here, but yesterday I got an idea that I could bring to life using Thunkable.

I really enjoy those videos where they take a songs lyrics and translate it in Google Translate multiple times and then put it back in English to make a weirdly funny sounding result. I created an app that basically does that.
Sadly it doesn’t include the part where they take the new lyrics and use TTS to replace the original ones, but it uses Yandex to translate to a randomly picked language for how many times you say you want and then takes it back into English.

It works and is quite simple to use, but Yandex really doesn’t like long texts, so doing 50 translations of Rap God is probably going to take days of retrying and retrying to get to the final translation. Thankfully, it automatically restarts the process if there’s an error, but it will still take a long time to finish it.

Had to remove old download links because of new user upload limitations :confused:

Do what you want with it, and if you do something cool, I would really want to see it.

EDIT 2: Here’s version 1.1.1!
APK: SuperTranslator v1.1.1.apk (2.9 MB)
Project File: SuperTranslator v1.1.1.aia (348.2 KB)

Changelog v1.1.1:

  • Changed UI stuff; The cancel button should show up as expected and the status text is less likely to be cut off in the sides if it gets too big.

Changelog v1.1:

  • Error codes now show up in red in the bottom of the screen. It’s mainly for debugging, but I left it there as a bonus.
  • If there’s an error, the app will restart translation from where it was in the last successful translation. For example, if there was an error in the 5th translation out of 10, it will start again from the 4th translation, which was successful.
  • Resized TTS buttons so it should appear normally on all devices.
  • New API key, since the last one reached the maximum characters used in Yandex (oops)
  • New pretty little “loading” animation when translating, so you can see if the app is crashed or just working.

I think that’s all, but I might have missed something. Have fun!


Besides scaling of the components on my phone, a good one:joy: :grinning:



That’s epic OMG I’m laughing so hard :joy:

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My phone has a 18:9 screen, so I thought that a few components would get a bit smaller. Thankfully it was only the TTS buttons, I’ll fix this later today.


Sorry, probably my fault, I had so much fun with it :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:


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Also probably because I tested it so many times with lengthy songs to make sure everything was right…
I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it! It’s just a fun little side project, but it ended up even making some people laugh! That’s amazing IMO, thanks a lot!

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Dude! This is epic! :joy:
Great idea!


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