UPDATE V1.6: My first app: Dumbo - The dumb assistant

Hello, this is my first app (very easy to make) it’s called Dumbo, and it’s a dumb assistant

Can I get some feedback?

App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucabashford.dumbo

Website: https://dumbo.lucaimagery.com


This is also available on multiple platforms (Including Google assistant!)
Go check out the website for more information!!

UPDATE V1.6: Adds new functionality such as a Share feature and Language options!


Hello, is there a command list in this application?

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Command list as in a list of what you tell it to do? Cuz idk what command list means

Yes, I don’t know how to pronounce this word. Because I’m Turkish. :sweat_smile:

My bro i want to give you some feedback but i think you need more things to call it “assistant” :slight_smile: There is only english language? maybe I did not understand your app :joy::joy:
-try to fix it

-add more language and more phrases
-you can add also pics sometimes
Nice idea but you have to improve more features

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You can add more languages ​​as Goldking says. If you can’t, I have idea for this;

Define the sound from the microphone. If the language of the device is not the same as the language of the application, translate the defined text into English, and give the result to the assistant.

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I have added one, just update the app and you’ll be good to go

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I do have plans to add more than one language to the assistant but it will take some time!

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i know, time is always a bit :joy::joy:
tell me something about my app too.
JUST HIT in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd too

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Hello I have added more features to the app and I’d like your opinion on it :slight_smile:

Hi, Luca !
Are you italian?
I saw your work and all you added from 1° release.
I think the big “problem” of this kind of app is the big data you need to make a nice work!

  1. when it understands me and have a answer it works good
  2. nice the type section ( you set it scrollable to see all chat?? one time it call an error and didn’t load the dialogflow)and telegram connection (i didn’t try it)
  3. close screens when open another, they are open in backgroud so when you click-back you find again all screens opened (some trick like THIS )
  4. add a button to delete the list of things you asked to Dumbo, so the user can clear it
  5. if i ask an help to Dumbo it says to call another assistant ??? ok google :joy::rofl:
  6. Nice intro
    Good work…go on :muscle::muscle:

Agreed, I feel like the project is very… empty like there’s something there but it’s not complete, I’ll fix the screen issue and the chat scroller, The voice recognition is complete crap ik, I’m unable to change that as it’s using Android’s default voice recognition thing, however it will work better on Google Assistant, No data is saved to Dumbo and everytime you ask it something it has no contextual awareness of what you have just asked

Thank you for your feedback!

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It’s a nice project. I don’t know all components you used, I wrote only what I feel strange. Like an input to work about. :+1::muscle:

UPDATE: V1.6 is out