Update app content online without making a new build?

Can I update the content of the application online without making a new build and update the application with the meaning of the latest content of the application online?

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Don’t make the title of your topic the query itself.

Yes you can do what you want.

  1. Store the content in an online database.

  2. Update your content in the online database.

  3. Have your app check for new content each time it is started, or you can add a manual “refresh content” button users can click to check for updates.

  4. Load the content and display it via your app.

Next time search the forum or use google. Most questions have usually been answered so there is no need to spam the forum with unnecessary topics.


Hi @mbrwky97z , thanks for a clear and specific question. I can see why you might have trouble finding the answer by searching, since there are so many questions about updating apps that aren’t what you’re asking.

Dean’s answer has great content. If you need help implementing this, don’t hesitate to ask another question! :slight_smile: An easy first option to get started would be to store your app’s text and image URLs in one of the several data sources available. Be aware that reading app content from an online data source is slower than having the content built in, and requires internet access. [Firebase is fastest, but loading content still can be noticable.] Some users work around this by saving a local copy of the content, so that they can grab the updated content once (perhaps while the user is doing something else) and then have it available to deliver rapidly on request or even while the user is offline.


The message you said is not wanted for you, but for me I need it badly

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