Unpublish and Republish same app on Google Play Store

Hi I know my question may sound weird but it is a genuine one :).
I want to republish an App which is already published on the Play Store after making it unpublish in my google console account. (Reason is bad signing key )
My question is -
will the existing users of the app get the new upload as an update or they will have to re download the app
Will the same package name be allowed to upload on Play Store even though the original app has been marked as unpublish

Thank you in Advance

Hi there,

I have couple of question to better understand your query.
Do the have the same Bundle ID? In your Play Console dashboard is the app showed twice?

As far as i know the only way an user has to update the current app version is to upload a new release. So i guess that they will need to download it again, but again i never experieced something like this.

Yes they have same bundle id so it didnt allow to upload the aab file. I will be trying it again for the new/draft app after making the earlier app unpublished. yes the dashboard shows two apps one in production other in draft, I too think the users may need to download it again…there was a whole sequence of events which happened yesterday due to which it was decided to reload the app all together. new release was giving a problem of different sign in keystore

Thanks for your reply.