Unique value for records


I have to store an unique value for every record in my customer table.
I used this escamotage:

Is there a better way to do that?

That’s 1 way

Another would be hitting an api to generate a uuid and saving that to the record


What structure are you looking for? Example: 7t89-G14L

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No matter about the structure…
But, in your example, how we can assure the univocity of the “account number”?

A simple method would be to initialize a variable to 1 or 10000 or something like that and add 1 to it before you create each row. And then use that as the unique record ID.

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This is for creating a unique ID. For an account number use Tatiang’s method.

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Best to use Supabase


Are you creating rows in a local table or a cloud environment? Most DBs have this value available on records already.

Just was wondering about my question there

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Google sheets…

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