Unable to open the app from Thunkable mobile app

Hi there, since the first moment i couldnt get access to my app through Thunkable app.
It says to contact support, but when i click the button, nothing happens.

Someone else experienced the same problem?

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Hi there, anyone can help?

Bruh nobody is responding to you lol

There is very little information for any one to suggest anything.
Is your app working for your computer using Test/Preview button?
Are you connected to the internet without interruptions?
Is it only for one app?
Does it work on other computers/devices?

These kinds of comments are really not helpful on the forums.

@maurizio.polverini89 Often, when there are no responses it means that you need to provide more information about the problem.


software windows does not support .apk or.abb

Hi everyone, i contacted the support.

The issue was that i was using an outdated version of my mobile app Thunkable.

Thank you very much for your replies!