Twitbook app published

Sir I wanted to tell that I have published an app to Playstore. The name of my app is TwitBook. Please download my app and give it a review and rating. Please tell others also to download my app and give it a review and a rating.

It’s helpful if you describe what your app is for and provide a link to the Playstore and/or screenshots.


My app is a chatting app. When you open my app it will load for some time and navigate to home screen. On home screen there are two buttons Invite and Start a chat. To Invite or start a chat it will ask you a room name and your name. After the chat is started in the chat screen there are there buttons Invite, Clear Chat and Leave. If you want to clear the chat you can clear it by clicking on clear chat button. If you want to leave the chat you can leave the chat by clicking on leave button.

This is the link of my app -

Please post screenshots of your app here.

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I don’t quite understand how this app works.

Are you matched with friends or random people?

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