My app tts pingoteam

please download my app on playstore it is called tts pingoteam and if you downloaded my app i will be thanksfully for you and if you downloaded my app with out uninstalling it for 2 days i will be more happier and thanksfully for you please share my app with your friends and reply about the app in playstore.

It’s great to hear. But it would be more greatful if you share some screenshots of your app, little description and a link to it.


thanks so much.

Hi. I guess You forgot to paste the link and to show some screenshots.

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OK sorry

I don’t think that many users here will search and download your app without even the shortest description, without a link and without any screenshots… This is not how you are supposed to share your app in this category!

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thanks for helping me i have made a new app and i made it better can u see it plz