TV-shows tracker using api and firebase db

Hi there!

I’ve finally made my first app, but I was forced to cut off many features to complete this year though. So I brought it to some usable state (what is a controversial point). My code is very ugly and super inefficient, but if I was trying to make it beautiful, I’d never finished it at all.

This is a tv-tracker that allows you, well, to track your tv-shows, your progress there, what to watch next, what you’ve watched, when new series on air and save shows for later.

So, my point now to understand if it’s really usable (in terms of performance) or if it’s not then would be great to optimize code (with your help;)) and make it so that later to continue to implement new features and publish maybe.

And of course many thanks to Thunkable team for the opportunity to create such things!


Wow! This is great! The UI is really good.

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Very interesting and Made very well

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Solid work!

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Wow! Your idea of a not-so-great interface is my idea of a very good looking one. :slight_smile:

Very generous of you to share the project with the community. I think we could learn a lot from your work so far. And yes, some of us may have suggestions for making it more efficient.


Nice… Thought the UI is great.


i don’t know why it gets stuck at the first screen maybe because of no firebase api and database url? if you can then pls share those two things and i am shocked that you made it with thunkable this is amazing

@codeswept @Angelo_Angius @nradjt74jatz @tatiang @gobassky Thanks for your feedback, it’s very nice of you :blush: But I’ll be more grateful if you can find a time and test it a bit, but still thanks a lot! I’m just very curious about performance :slight_smile: possibly you are offline? I’m checking if a device is online on the first screen, that is the only reason can be…

nope i am online and its showing the same

I’m not sure what I can do here, maybe someone from thunkable team can help? @domhnallohanlon @jane @Mark

Toddy you add your own Firebase details

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