Trying to update app. Google Play

Can someone please help me I am trying to update my game in the Google Play Console, and in return I receive the following…

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The error says that your android keystore is different than the previous version.
If you used any other platform like Thunkable Classic / Kodular / AppyBuilder for your previous version, from there export your .keystore file, and import it here -


More information on this can be found here - (tap here)

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So I made my original app with Thunkable X, since then I’ve opened the same project again added some tweaks changed the version code to 2 and the version count to 1.0.1 and im trying to upload it but then i get this error.

Hi @pixagamesnz ,

are you 100% sure you did not create a copy of your project?


@Chris Thanks for your reply, yup I’m 100% sure I didn’t create a copy of my project. And as you can see in the following screenshot even Google can’t help me, because the app wasn’t built with Android Studio.

I think you could try to export your keystore from within Thunkable X and load it into Android studio to export this .pem file like they describe :thinking:

Apps upload or update processing system with google play console