Try Out My Humor Activity

I created a fun little activity that I think teachers could easily copy and modify. It’s also kind of fun. The activity is organized as a little “study” during which participants are given two jokes and asked to rate how funny they are. The ratings from participants are sent to a Google Sheet. I need some more data to really test it out. Would you take a minute and try it out? You’ll at least get a couple of good jokes you can tell your friends: take the Psychology of Humor activity. Thank you! @tatiang @domhnallohanlon



I tried it but it didn’t tell me other people’s results…?

Thanks for doing that. Unfortunately I don’t see any additional data in my spreadsheet. Hmmm… I’ll look into that. I’m still haven’t decided what would be the best way to show participants how others responded to the jokes. I could either link to the spreadsheet or use the web viewer component and embed the spreadsheet into the activity. Unless you have another suggestion…?

Tried and found it very interesting.

You definitely should do it, because in your main screen say that you will show other’s results… otherwise users will take it as a fraud :wink:

Agreed. I’ll work on that. I did make a version of this activity that uses a Google Form to collect and show results. Maybe this is a better approach: Thunkable

I think using an embedded Google Form takes all the grace out of Thunkable. It’s actually really nice to not have anything embedded.

You can use the data source blocks to update and get information from the Google Sheet. So in that way, you can customize the information that is displayed to the user after they submit their responses.

Totally agree @tatiang - I hate using Google Forms because they are so very clunky. I haven’t used a data source block to get information from a spreadsheet so I’ll dig into that next. Thanks for the info.

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