Create a google form

I am a begginer and i want a user to create a form (a check box list) and i want it to be created at his google forms as well.
Is it possible?

Please search the forums before posting. Here’s one result from a search for “Google Form”:

Do you want to use the google form directly or use the thunkable web api to write the form?

Thank you for your search but i did it as well, i asked about creating a google form and not updating its data

I want to create with my app a form at google forms so it could be seen outside of the app as well,

There is no simple solution

Basically you need to create a script to intake your inputs and create the form dynamically.

Check it out

It would be easier to create a dynamic survey from within the app and deliver it as such instead of creating the form from within your app and then doing anything with the form.

If you’re only using forms to deliver surveys, it’s unlikely using an app will improve the experience.

What is the purpose of using forma. Perhaps I can offer a better alternative.


I wanted a form to be accessible for people without the app as well, for now i will try to do an in app survey

Thank you

That makes sense. In that case, I would use the google sheets form for mobile devices, and create a custom form in app OR use the webviewer to display the form.

Plus take the route above if you really want to make them in the app. Otherwise make them on a computer and fill them out in the app via the webviewer.

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