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Hi everyone, today one of a thunker asked me about ''How can we upload/send response/data to Google Forms and then to Google Spreadsheet" :stuck_out_tongue: So i have played with the codes and come up with the solution of this query… and trust me it’s very easy to do that. If you want to know the complete process with step-by-step explanation. Click here to read the complete blog.
Else here is some screenshot and shot description to understand, How you can do that too…

I have created this simple design with

  • 3 input text-boxes to get the Name, Email & Comments.
  • 1 button to trigger the action
  • 1 API Component to submit the form
  • 1 Notifier to show the success/error message
  • 4 Labels Just to show some additional information on screen :wink:

Now on Google Forms i have create a new form with same 3 entry i.e Name, Email & Comment as you can see in the image below…

Now i have taken Action URL and entry codes from the source code of this form, to do that

  • After creating form i have previewed it by clicking the eye button [ Given at the top right corner next to gear icon ]
  • Now i open the source codes of this form by pressing ctrl+u on my keyboard.
  • And search box by pressing ctrl+f on the form source code tab
  • Now i found the form action url by typing form action in the search box and pasted this url in the Set URL block [ API Component, which i named as Google_Form ]
  • Now i have searched entry in the same search box and got the 3 entry codes and pasted it in the QueryParameter block of the API component… here as you can see in the below image i have used object block and created entry fields… this is required for sending data/response to the google form.

:love_you_gesture: All done.

You can also use this method to save user data on your Google Spreadsheet. How? It’s also very easy go to the response section of your google from and click on the spreadsheet icon. A spreadsheet get created by your form were data get reflected each time the form get submitted. :wink:

:link: Sample project | Version 1.0 | Ct tricks

~Ct tricks

  • This post is enough to understand.
  • Blog was more informative .
  • Create a tutorial video soon.

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This is really cool. I may use this method until the data component has been ironed out completely!

Nice work!
[i changed this over to the tutorial posts]


Thanks for your feedback mate :wink:

Can I use it to post values to php script as i can do with the web component of appinventor?
I got empty value when calling $_POST[‘entry’];
This will be useful when sending values to mysql database. Please help.


Sure mate… we can use this same method [ may be we have to change the formatting options a little bit ] to post data on MySQL database.

can you show me your working blocks that you have written in the appinventor!

~Ct tricks

great help!


Hi, do you know how can I delete rows in a google sheet using the webAPI in thunkable X? The google spreadsheets extension dont work for thunkable X and I couldnt find an alternative. Thanks

Yup you can use AppScript to create a web-hook, So that you can setup acommunication between your app and spreadsheet… After that you can delete any row by number also can add more js codes on your app script to insert and update data on your spreadsheet using thunkalbe-X webAPI component.

Ct tricks

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Thanks a lot! a great tip!!!

You Welcome :innocent:

Hi I can´t find the entry.nnnnnn code in google form, I think google made some changes in Forms coding or I am missing the procedure.
Did you see changes in your form applications?
Best regards!

The block is not firing. Could you check for any errors?

@adminxh When you try those blocks, are you seeing “Confirm” or “Try Again”?

Any time you are using a component with an “error” or “status” block, you need to check those values. You are checking for status=200 but you aren’t doing anything with the error value. Your blocks should say if status=200 … else set label to error. That way, if it doesn’t work, you can see what error message the API is returning.

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I managed to get the entry.nnnnnnnnnn number following this post


I think I have same problem. , I’m solving a problem too I get the entry code from greenline in picture. I think you get entry code from redline your data is not firing in google sheet.

sorry for my English. My English is not very well.

hopefully, to solve your problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys, something got changed in google form after i posted this topic… :sweat_smile: Buy why you are applying so much effort to get entry codes! You can easily get all entry codes at once just by creating a pre-filled link of your form

Ct tricks

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your tutorial is very helpful @cttricks. thnks