Trouble Using WhisperAPI

I’m trying to connect my app to which hosts a version of OpenAI’s whisper for voice to test transcription. I’ve got voice recording working and I can pull a url for the MP4 from Cloudinary but I get nothing from the web API.

Here’s what the documentation says:

Here’s what I’m currently doing:

I’m sure I’m getting the JSON part wrong but I’m not sure where to start error checking here.

I’m pretty sure your object needs to be part of the Body, not the Query Parameters. And you’ll need to convert it to JSON like this example from one of my projects:

Also, as you test an API, it’s best to do error handling. Inside of the Post call’s “then do” section, set it up with an If block: If [error] then set label’s text to [error]; else set label’s text to [response].

Lastly, the “fileType” property may be case-sensitive so I would fix that. This info from Microsoft states that at least for their specific API, body properties are case-sensitive.

Report back the error value you’re seeing and/or the response value you’re seeing. While testing, it can be useful to replace the label with a text input component because then you can copy & paste the displayed text rather than having to screenshot it.