Trouble setting an Alert/Push Notification using Airtable (Food Exp App)


I am trying to create a simple app, where the user will input the food purchased with its respective expiry date.

I wish to send an alert or a push notification to the user when the food has passed the expiry date.
Is it possible?

Here is an example of the Airtable:

And the Blocks:

Thank You,

yes, it will be possible but the user must be online or using the app if you are trying to send an alert and push notification will send one message to all the users of your app (bulk).

I am having trouble comparing the date to the current date. For now, I simply wish to send an alert when the user is online mentioning all the food that expired.

I tried researching to compare dates but I can’t seem to figure out the blocks.

I think you should go to device < if (current hour = “xyz” and current minute = “abc”) < then from Alert set message to “You crossed the expiry date” <>

These are my blocks.

When Button4 click, I want to pick the Date Column from Airtable and compare it with the current time. I think, I am missing something here, as it returns nothing.
Currently, I am just trying to see, if I can fetch all the food that expired, later I can add them to the alert.