Problem in comparing two dates


Kindly refer the attachment “Block”. I am getting stored dates from Airtable and then comparing them with the current date, to take subsequent action. Refere attachment “Airtable” for Airtable data. THe logi was working fine till last week but some how its not working now.

Can any one help.

Thanks in anticipation.

what is date_current?


Date_Current is present day’s date.

is it coming from airtable?

No its not coming from Airtable.

It’s going to be hard to troubleshoot this all at once. I recommend checking the value of each component as it’s retrieved. That way, you can make sure you’re getting the values from Airtable that you expect. You’re also not checking the “error” block which is a bit risky as you don’t know if the Airtable call is actually working (I’m assuming it IS).

After you’ve done that, where in the process is it failing? Is there a particular value that isn’t correct? Are you getting a value in the “error” block? Are you seeing a specific error in Thunkable or a white screen or some other result?