Comparing Date Picker and Airtable dates


I have an AirTable with a date column.

I also have 2 date picker components on my app to choose a date range (Date_Input1: Start of date range, Date_Input2: End of date range).

Now when someone picks a date range on the date pickers, I want to check if the AirTable date is within this range and display that data.
I have been trying to do this but facing problems due to date format.

Seems like the 2 cannot be compared since they are in different formats. Can someone help with this plz?

Hey @thestrengthinstitute - I had the same issue recently where I was moving data between Google Sheets and Airtable.

I’m not sure if there was a more elegant solution but I ended up writing a custom function to change between the formats.

Maybe you can change your Airtable settings so the output format matches the Thunkable format?

Giving this a try but any idea what are the formats I can use?

I don’t mind changing the AirTable date format but not sure which one will match the Thunkable one.

Also would you mind sharing the custom function?

@thestrengthinstitute - this was a function in Google sheets, sorry, not a Thunkable function. I only mentioned it was I was dealing with a similar issue with Airtable at the same time.

Hi @jane, could you help me with this?