How to get date from the airtable


I need to get the date from airtable and display it. Then need to get the difference between the airtable date and the user entered date.

There are some forums posts about comparing dates. If you Google something like compare dates thunkable you should be able to find them.

What have you tried as far as getting the date from Airtable? This documentation explains how to do that:

If you’re having trouble, post a screenshot of your blocks.

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I am asking to get “Date” not “Data”.

I need to get the stored date from airtable, How to do it?

I have another doubt, How to find the difference between two dates?

Thunkable does not have a built in way to determine the difference between dates. Major missing feature. The only strategy I have come up with is to convert the dates to Julian number, do the math, then covert back to dates. That is a lot of work , so I’ve just avoided it all together. If you find a better solution, please post it to the group!