Trouble Connecting to API using Web Authorization

Hello Fellow Thunkers!

I am working on building my first ios app and as a part of my first project I would love to connect it to spotify so i can create an app where users can listen to music/playlist i curate. I have been playing around with the WEB API component and have been able to connect to simple 3rd API’s, however I am getting stumped in trying to connect with Spotify’s service. They have a few different ways of being able to connect (authorization code vs. client credentials) and tbh, im not quite sure which route to go + how to set it up. Can you someone help me authenticate to their service?

link to their authorization guide:


In the properties of the web api component you just add in the pairs of values ( i.e username and password and their corresponding values) and these will be included in your post request.

Once i pass the login credentials via the post request, how do i subsequently use the access token that is provided back to me?

hello @manuel… did you get this processed configured?