WEB API component, missing functions to perform authentication


I’m pretty new to thunkable X and I like it. In my fist project I’d like to integrate with goggle API’s.
This is not really easy, let’s say impossible. The WEB API component in thunkable supports no basic features to perform authentication. That’s like BASE64 en/decoding, hashvalue calc (SHA256 RSA), and so on.
When I like to connect to google API via server to server authentication I need all this things.
I don’t want to use tons of other WEB services to have scuccess. Import of 3rd party extensions is not possible in thunkable X so far

Therefor my simply question, will this functionality be added in the near future to the WEB API component or are there other plans to provide this ?

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Not an API expert but I think you should be able to authenticate with all APIs by adding the necessary authentication headers :thinking:

Here’s some documentation https://docs.thunkable.com/web-api

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Hi Chris!

Unfortunately if I like to create a JWT (JSON web token) I need cryptographic and encoding functionality. The Google JWT includes in the claim section the expiration time (max. 1h from now). Thus I cannot calculate a static JWT and use this.

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Look at the functionality of the service http://api.foxtools.ru/v2/Help/Base64

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Hi harry,

Did you find any way to integrate Google APIs? I have the same problem you mentioned. :frowning_face: