Transfer the Agenda informations from thunkable to the agenda of my phone

What do you mean by “agenda information”? If possible, please provide a screenshot.

In the Thunkable App de entry are Event:Name date and time

Screenshot Event Name & date & Time
The record is writed into airtable in the form of

I want now to update the Agenda from my mobile phone with the Event Name in the date and time Discribed.
It can be done after the event is recorded when the user decide it , he must choise the event that he want to be transfered/marked in his phone if any

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The format of any of the data can be changed if needed.

Yes, it can be done but you have to write the codes for it. There is no special block that will do it.

Yes it’s what I was thinking , do you have a sugession of API to be used ?
Must I go first to google API ?
Because what I want is not to write to the callendar of google , but in the callendar of my phone .

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See this post

This will fill the information in the user’s phone calendar but will wait for user confirmation to save to the calendar.

Thx Muneer I will look , I will keep you posted

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for android, you’ll need the device block image
so when it is iOS call iOS callendar API if androd, then google API

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The API call I shared has nothing to do with the platform and will work equally well in both Android and iOS and also on Windows/Mac.

Please avoid posting comments that you are not aware of or at least write in your comment something to show that it is a suggestion such as I think this API is for Google only, anyone tried it on iOS?.

I really would rather send you this in a private message but you decided not to allow it and therefore I’m forced to put the comments public.

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@muneer I didn’t talk about your post.

just some info that may help @ealalin13s68

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Thank you. I hope it helps him. Mind you both of us were referring to Google API anyway.

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Muneer , it works very goed .
From a list of event , I choise one , clicking on the record .

I transform the information from my APP to be compliant with the Google API
Then I push the button " transfer to the callendar of my mobile phone .

Screenshot 2021-10-03 143752
Then I check/change if needed the info and save it in my callendar

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Thankx a lot for the fast and very usefull informations

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@ealalin13s68 better you use a URL shortner because your link looks like some junk! :innocent:

sorry for going #really-off-topic here. :angel:

I doubt if URL shorteners are really helpful in these kind of scenarios as other community members might want to know exactly what URL they used and the format of that URL. Just my own thoughts, other people would probably find it less cluttering.

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I’m glad it helped you. This solution will work even in the computer.

thx one more time

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in the computer, you’ll need the microsoft API, but there’s no block for THAT.

so no need to worry. :triumph:

muneer , yours solution work fine for Android , I can easily reach the google calendar, but I need also to update the calendar from the IOS users.(without google account)

For this I have install the packet “swift-5.5-RELEASE-windows10” , the installation was fine but I had some problems to build and run a simple programme using visual studio /of code .

I have downgrade to the version “SwiftForWindows-2.0” , the result was the same .

I have look to Xcode , but Xcode run under Mac . I don’t want to make a virtual Mac on my windows 10 PC.

Is there some one with a idea how I can modify the calendar from a IOS phone with the event / date/time that I have into Thunkable ?
What are the software tools I should use ?( all ideas are welcome)