Touch target 48dp

I have this Recommendation message for my new app from Android Play Store.
I’m wonder how I change the dp from 26 to 48.
The issue is minor I guess.
Also, what is the difference between 26 and 48 dp?
Does it really matter.

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Did you click the “Learn more” button in the recommendation?
Also try this link: android - What package to download for material design icons? - Stack Overflow

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Yep, I read a few things on it.

But I still don’t really understand it.

Are they saying they just want a border around the Web Viewer?

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Still a mystery…

Still don’t know, but it’s not a huge issue I guess…

If you want to figure out how to do this, maybe you can ask Thunkable Staff…

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Material Design (and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines) are near and dear to my heart. Happy to discuss this more.

First thing to point out, this is just a recommendation from Google. You can still publish your app as is. Adhering to Material Design Guidelines or HIG is all about accessibility and inclusivity in your app.

With touch target size, they are suggesting that the “clickable” area around any clickable element be at least 48dp (pixels per inch), even if the element is smaller than that. With a button, for example, if it is smaller than 48x48 dp, Material Design recommends creating a clickable area around that button.

Your web viewer component is larger (much larger) so my guess is that they are referring to some content being viewed within the web viewer itself. Can you share a screenshot of what is in there on your built app?


Hi Matt, thanks.
So all those little red boxes, in each of the 4 examples, are the reason for this.
Previously the explanatory video would launch automatically, but now the user will have to click a button to watch a video, hoping that that would solve the issue.
But it now seems the issue is with youtube.
Is that right?
Or is there something I can do?

Correct, the issue is how the elements the video itself are displaying. Not much we can do about that.

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