Toggle Drawer Navigator slow for large projects

Drawer Navigator is a fantastic feature in Thunkable, but since they added ToggleDrawerNavigator, I have been quick to add it to my projects and then find flaws.

The main issue is to do again with project size (not a first for Thunkable X), I find when I click my Hamburger Icon (a button to toggle drawer navigator), there is a noticeable delay. This only occurs though on projects that experience lag in the block editor, or large projects in general.

If i were to estimate the lag or to try and help you replicate it, set a toggle drawer navigator under a button clicked block, and then a wait 0.15 seconds or 0.2 seconds block. This is roughly what I am experiencing.

Would love to get some feedback on this post, anybody else experiencing this?

Are you having issues with this anymore @eoinparkinson?

Is/was there a ticket for this on Github?

I never checked for this on GitHub. I do remember this problem and it was a buggy. The actual app felt slow. This is most likely fixed but I don’t know as I never went back to this component after this ordeal.


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