Timer across different screen

I am trying to make an app similar to the forest app where you have a specific time to do your tasks. Basically there is a timer and a task you will have to do within that timer. However, I have multiple screens and is not sure how to keep the timer going on each screen. I’ve made it so that it saves the time on the main screen to ‘local storage’, and when it goes to the next screen, it displays the number/time left, however, it doesn’t count down and stays the same number. Another problem is that when I return to the main screen, it resets and I have no idea how to continue the timer. Here is what I have so far using ‘local storage’:


Did you know that? App variables keep the data between each screen.


i think it wrks for all screens i think

That’s what I wanted to say, but my English is bad :sweat_smile:


wat u think where’s error im still figuring i out
as far as i think
he did wrong in ‘start grow click’ maybe

thx for trying to help me. I renamed it wrong but it’s supposes to be ‘next screen’

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is it solved
@surekchloek , @surekchloek or @ekansh_devs (me) ; mark solution then

? I don’t really understand what you mean but it is still unsolved._.

oh kkk

Hi I’ve done some research about app variables but still don’t really understand how to use them. If you could explain or send me a link It’ll be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Why do you have two events for the image1 click?

The second event will always reset the timer to 1 minute only.

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