Having 2 Timers

I have Screen1 with Timer1
I have Screen2 with Timer2

Timer1 firing counts down from 20 and loops non stop using variable varCountfromTimer1 with a simple
varCountfromTimer1 =varCountfromTimer1 -1

I am trying to show the changing value of varCountfromTimer1 in Screen1 AND Screen2 by simply assigning the variable varCountfromTimer1 to a label in each screen.

When Timer2 fires I simply assign the variable varCountfromTimer1 to a label on the screen2. (Hoping to pick up the count )

but notice that the count stops if I leave Screen1

Proof is that if I play a sound when the Timer1 fires and then navigate to screen2, - the sound stops )

Apologies if I missed picking up if this is a known issue. (I am back after 3 yr absence)

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try it with stored or cloud variable.

thx but not not help

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