Thunkers who Tweet

We’re about 23 hours away from our 4th #Thunkchat, which is a weekly Twitter chat about all things Thunkable.

For more on this week’s topic see:

##Get Involved

Each week the number of participants has steadily grown and the purpose of this post is just to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.
In week one there were just 2 of us (thanks @Taifun) shooting the breeze, but with a bit more structure and support from Team @thunkable it’s grown in participation each week.

Our second #Thunkchat had 13 participants, chatting about apps they had #SuccessfullyTHUNKd. Have a look at the stats:

Last week we improved again with 16 people tweeting about extensions:

As you can see, the Twitter chat is great way to reach a huge audience (potentially 10,000+) in a short space of time.
If you’re on Twitter feel free to comment with your username (or PM me you prefer) and please join us for #Thunkchat no.4 at 5pm UTC tomorrow.


Please do join!!! Thanks @domhnallohanlon for taking the lead on this!

10-11am PST! #ThunkChat